What does a closet represent?

What comes to your mind when you think of a closet?

  • Personal items designed to fit you 
  • Some you purchased
  • Some you received as gifts
  • Some are very costly
  • Others came with modest prices

In the scripture, a closet represents a secret place. So, let’s take a look at what is in your secret place. 

What is in your secret place? What do you have to share with the body? Are you clothed with humility? 

How about love, joy, faith, peace, gentleness, goodness, meekness, and temperance? They are the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)

What does your wardrobe say about you?

The outward disposition of a person is a reflection of her inner being. Happy people look happy. Joyful people look like joy.

A cloak of kindness will pull you in and cover you with security. Fruit is like honey to a bee. They have a fragrance that can not be bottled. 

Have you ever met someone you just wanted to be close with? People see them, and they embrace them. They have million-dollar smiles, and their personalities light up a room. You can’t buy that from a store! Right?

So, when you are in the secret place, what are you putting on? What do you allow the Holy Spirit to adorn you with before you launch out for the day?

Do people ask, “Where did you get that?” or “What are your wearing?” “Are they smiling when they ask you?” What do you have to share? The most significant being that we can be made of is the Holy Spirit. Is your real-life a reflection of the “gentle-being” ——the Holy Spirit?

Have you ever wanted to be like someone you admired? In our lives, we look up to someone or have a mentor. If that mentor is doing beautiful things and instilling value in your life, follow hard after them. If the person you look up to is not a good role model, why do you need to admire him or her?

That’s when you may need to stop, look, and listen. If that brand is not for you, don’t wear it. Know that what you wear on the outside reflects your inner being.

Do you have a coat of peace? Do you have a shield of faith? Do you have a garment of love? 

We say that if someone needs a coat, give them one. If you are sharing a garment, what is it saying? It means you are sharing the love.

Understand, clothes do not make you who you are. They are not a factor to consider when talking about a person’s personality. You can be all dolled up on the outside, but need cleaning up on the inside. 

Some people wear a brand with a bad attitude because they think they look great in their designer clothes. It’s better to wear a lesser brand and let kindness be what’s holding it all together.

You may look nice, in fact, fabulous in your designers, but that’s not all to your personality. Your “nice” look in designers is what people temporarily think of you, but your character is a more excellent reflection of who you are. So you have to draw the line between the two.

You are an abundance, a wealth distributor, a bank of riches, a life seasoned with grace. That’s who you are—an amazing you!!

You have dividends to share; you have lives to touch in every positive sense. 

You have deposits to make! It’s not all about money. Your positive aura, affecting lives, will do wonders for others!

Somebody out there on the street corner or somewhere in the inner-city needs help!

Oh, did I ask you, is patience and forgiveness in your closet?