Why is it so difficult for us women to achieve balance? We have so many responsibilities, and it’s not easy to keep everyone in our circles cared for, especially ourselves. It’s certainly not easy to keep God first. Sometimes achieving this is almost impossible. It’s easy to put God in the backseat. We’re writing today to remind you to give Jesus the front seat, the driver’s seat in your heart and mind. In doing so, you’ll grow closer to Him.

To grow closer to our Lord means to do as He asks us. We are to follow the commandments, and the first one tells us to love God first, best, and most. Then we are to love our neighbor as ourselves (Mark 12:30-31). Did you get that? Jesus says you have to love Him first and then yourself before you can love others. Here’s the hierarchy: love God, self, and others–in that exact order. We serve a well-ordered God, and He wants our lives to be well-ordered too. When we do this, life falls into place more easily.

We want to know how you are seeking to achieve the first commandment in your life. If you haven’t thought about this in a while, we ask you to do so now. Take a few minutes to consider how you love God before anyone or anything else and how you love yourself.

Over the next week, consider how you can seek the Lord Jesus more deeply, and develop new ways to include Him in your routine. Listen to a sermon or another podcast on the way to work. Perhaps even turn the radio off and talk to Him instead, or read the Bible more often. Seek to find out more about the life of our Lord Jesus. Maybe research an event in His life that piqued your curiosity at some point. Don’t forget to ask Jesus how He wants you to include Him in your life, and listen for His answer.

Then do something for yourself. Treat yourself in some way. Whether it’s a cup of coffee or something bigger; take time to consider how much God loves you, and make sure to love yourself.

If you are led to share here, please leave us a comment below letting us know if this blog helped you focus on Jesus. We are growing our community and would love to hear from you.