So what does a Christian coach do?

We’ve all been taught to “offer it up” or “pray about it” when we go through a life change. This is good advice; the best advice, really, because when we pray we receive grace.”

Let me ask you this: what happens after you pray? How do you discern God’s will for your situation?  These questions and more are those a Christian coach can help you discern answers to.

Beautiful one, one thing you shouldn’t do is sit still. Instead, move forward in your relationship with Jesus: Love God. Love yourself. Love others.  A Christian coach, as a prayer and accountability partner who walks alongside you, can help you do just this, all while you seek answers from the Lord to your most pressing concerns.   

Why do I need a coach and not a friend?

A Christian coach is a secure-in-his/her faith Christian listener without preconceived judgments who is trained to listen to you and discern God’s action in your life to help lead you to a prayerful answer to your most pressing concerns. A Christian coach is someone with whom you can share the details of your situation, one who doesn’t know you personally. He or she is a Christ-centered listener who can help you move ahead.

Christian coaches listen, pray with you, and help you discern your forward path. Then they hold you accountable.

What kind of changes can a Christian coach help with?

The short answer is every change. Anything…everything. It’s that simple: divorce, marriage, job change, new baby, discerning college, church, or other…whatever hurdle you’re facing, a Christian coach may be able to help you.

This is Toni’s calling–Christian coaching.

Bring your most pressing problem and expect to develop and implement a prayerful action plan.

Toni’s workbook and program is set apart by its design. For 90 days you will grow your relationship with the Lord by reflecting on the fruits of the Spirit. Each week a new fruit and new activities are introduced designed to help you grow in relationship with Jesus by learning more deeply who He is and to grow these fruits in you.

What is included in Toni’s program?

During the three month program, you and Toni will embark on her Fashioned for a Purpose workbook activities centered on the biblical fruits of the Spirit. In this time, you will meet with Toni 2 times each month for 30 minutes—that’s 6 sessions total (3 hours). 

The expectation is that following this workbook you will grow in knowledge and experience of the Lord and will create a plan to move ahead in the direction God is leading you. You’ll also have a toolkit to use in the future.

Toni is accepting clients now. This 90-day program is only $299. Call quickly to reserve your space.