If you desire to discover the TRUE in you AND experience YOUR truth through a more fulfilling LIFE

this book is a must read!


The TRUE of you is beautiful by divine design!

When you look in the mirror, do you like what you see inside and out? Do you focus on the flaws you see on your face or body? Or do you focus on how you feel about yourself? Many young ladies today find it hard to believe they were created for a purpose and are uniquely made. Society doesn’t help, either. Our culture, instead of building up, places pressures on females that can lead to a false self-image or diminished self-esteem. In the new non-fiction book, Fashioned For A Purpose by Author Toni Stone, young women are encouraged to adopt a foundation of inner beauty as a cornerstone upon which outer beauty rests, as shown in Job 31:15, which tells us that we are fashioned in the womb by God.

Toni has witnessed the ups and downs of viewing yourself with beauty and how the world will tell you more of what is wrong with you than what is honorable, virtuous, and beautiful. Her book is a voice to all women affirming that God has wonderfully made them in His image: perfect. Viewing God as the Ultimate Designer, and humans as His fabric, we were patterned as individuals, not made by accident, but with a plan in God’s mind to become spiritual fruits and examples of Christ to all.

Toni journeys deep into the lies and misgivings women have about beauty inside themselves, either placed in their minds personally, by society, or by those considered of sound counsel to them. To God, one’s character is what brings out beauty. compassion, forgiveness, patience, and confidence in the gifts God has blessed upon you. Women are fashioned with purpose to share God’s love with others while remembering that they were first created and loved by the One who saw them as perfect.


Toni Stone is a prolific writer, life purpose coach, and visionary who inspires women globally to know and embrace the purposed life they were designed to enjoy!