Is there a woman in the Bible with whom you most identify or admire? Who is she and what do you most admire about her?

My favorite is Deborah, the prophetess. She is the only girl to hold Moses’s position in the Bible; she was a judge of Israel. She trusted God completely. She knew what God wanted her to do, and she did it. No questions asked.

How did she trust an unseen God to that degree? Spiritual sight can be murky, unclear. How does one develop a Deborah kind of relationship with God?

What I admire in her, I want most. Perhaps your favorite Bible story is the same. What you most admire in your Bible hero, you want more of.

As women, we learn who we are and who we want to be through the knowledge we gain and our experiences (albeit, not always good experiences), along with the stories, knowledge, and experiences of others. Sometimes it’s easy to define who you want to be by recognizing who you don’t want to be. So, for me, it’s a big YES to Deborah but NO to Lot’s wife. If we look outward, to our families and communities, it’s the same. We find some people we want to emulate, and others who offer us a lesson.

In life, the easiest way to go is the popular road, but the few who dare to go the extra mile win the race of life. Those who attain greater height in life are the extraordinary. Life is essentially beautiful! However, it requires that we unlock the secret to these beauties.

When we look to the Bible, we are sure to find lasting and trustworthy knowledge through the experiences of others that help us get to know our loving Creator better. By growing our relationship with Him, we grow in self-knowledge and come to our true purpose and beauty.

This is what Fashioned for a Purpose is all about. The book and workbook are designed to help you see your inner beauty clearly, God in you, and to unlock that beauty by growing your relationship with the Lord. This journey is all about knowing yourself by knowing your Father. I hope you’ll join me.

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